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Evergreen Tree Surgeon

We offer a complete range of tree care services. From topping to felling and removal, we can help you. Whether you are looking to tidy your garden or need emergency tree removal, Evergreen Tree Surgeon can help.

We also trim hedges and shrubs, so you can make your grounds look amazing. We take away all waste for responsible disposal, leaving your garden looking fantastic.

For All of Your Tree Care Needs


Tree Removal

Crown Reduction

Hedge Trimming

Areas Served

We are located in Pennington, Hampshire and serve the surrounding area including Lymington, Everton and Milford.

Evergreen Tree Surgery and Care

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees suffer from disease and poor health. These trees can become dangerous to people and property. Trees can also grow out of control, causing damage to buildings, driveways and services. Or simply be too big for the location and ruin views or block out the light.
In these cases the most common solution is to remove the tree. We specialise in this sort of removal using safe and effective methods. These will typically be using sectional removal of the tree or felling if space permits.

Crown Reduction and Thinning

Crown reduction reduces the size and weight of the tree’s canopy. This is achieved by strategically removing branches to thin the canopy and minimise rapid regrowth.
Crown thinning removes branches across the whole canopy. Each branch is thinned resulting in a more open canopy. This increases light penetration, reduces weight and minimises the risk of branch failure. It also reduces wind resistance, helping to avoid problems in the future.

Hedge Trimming

Evergreen Tree Surgeon offer year round hedge trimming and maintenance services. This will keep your property looking neat and tidy and your hedges healthy.
We also specialise in reducing overgrown hedges that can often cause problems with neighbours.
Our service includes full waste removal, saving you the trouble of filling your car and taking it to the recycling centre.

Tree Removal

Tree Topping

Hedge Trimming

Our Happy Clients

“An excellent job – highly recommended!”

Evergreen Tree Surgeon came out to prune the hedges and shrubs in my front garden. They also trimmed a large ornamental bush in my back garden. Dino was professional and friendly throughout. All the trimmings were removed (almost a full load!) and the areas blown clean. An excellent job – highly recommended!

“Great service and great quality of work had a tree cut down out the back and a large tree trimmed out the front all waste taken away and swept up will definitely use again”

I can recommend Evergreen Tree Surgeon. Dino totally removed my row of problematic and overgrown conifers from my front garden.

All the stumps were cut down to ground level and treated. Now, you cannot tell I even had trees at all!! Dino did a fantastic job, he is polite, efficient and professional. All the waste was removed with not even a twig remaining. I am thoroughly please with his work!

Let’s Get Your Garden Tidied